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Bonus for Playing

Humans have been bartering and bargaining for ages. Everyone wants to feel that he got the better end of the stick. Even when the richest people buy designer stuff, they look for better monetary deals and rewards.Somehow the terms,bonus, rewards, free coupons etc. attract everyone. It is the same tendency that casinos use to attract more people, who were anyway going to spend their money to get entertained. So it is a bargain for both the casino and the players.

They also give bonuses as all the other casinos are offering it. This also attracts the old players to come back to the same casino.

Let us see the kind of casino bonuses that are paid to players in order to attract them and then retain them.

Welcome Bonus: This is an amount that is given to the customers when they join. It normally matches the amount deposited by the customer while joining. Sometimes these can be connected to specific games as well. Like a welcome bonus for the slots or for table games.

Referral Bonus: This is beneficial for the person who refers a friend to a casino. Both, the person who refers and the person who come to a casino on his friend’s recommendation, get a good amount of money to play in the casino. But it could be subject to terms and conditions.

Insurance Bonus: People are bound to lose money on games in a casino. Then the casino tries to give you some part of the losses back to you as a gesture of good will to make you feel better and continue playing.

No deposit Bonus: Sometimes casinos have a promotional bonus, that is given even if a customer does not deposit any amount to join the casino. But these cannot be just taken and cashed out. These need to be used in the casino only on their games.

Phantom Bonuses: These are given to a player while he is playing and may match his own deposit towards the casino or the game. But he cannot cash these out.

Loyalty Bonus: This is given to players who keep returning to the casino, to reward them for their loyalty. This is a good attraction for repeat clients.They also egg on players to play more by proposing a VIP program. You can get many great perks in lieu of these points or use them to cash out.Such long term players get exclusive deals. They feel as if they are part of a limited group. They are made to feel special and the casino shows its gratitude in this way.

If you have not played for some time, then the casino will try to get you back and play again by sending you an offer.These are called ‘reload’ bonuses. They will send really lucrative offers of cash or deposit, that will get you back to the casino for sure.

Apart from the above mentioned bonuses, casinos, both offline and online, offer many complimentary gifts to the players. These may be small but matter in the long term. Once you continue to play in a casino, you accumulate points and spend quite a good sum of money. The complimentary gifts are small amounts of money in the form of vouchers, that can be redeemed at the same casino. If you have been a long term player, then you can get many types of complimentary vouchers. These include free coupons for other games, free travel for special events, extra bonus and so on

Both off-line and on-line casinos offer bonuses, but the on-line deals are really amazing. This adds to the biggest attraction of online casinos. You can play anywhere and anytime and if you get some added bonus then this is really a great deal.

Sometimes, there are disputes in casinos regarding the bonuses. The casinos offer these complimentary bonuses as a gesture of goodwill and to attract people to come and play. But some players try to take advantage of these schemes. People try to create many accounts with different email ids and names and claim the bonuses to continue playing. At times they try to get bonus codes online, which are similar to cheat codes for other online games.

But sometimes casinos also change their rules and the player does not understand how the scheme works. These events do end up in disputes. But the main aim of going to a casino is to enjoy while playing interesting games. So do not bother too much about bonuses but focus on your games. These will eventually accrue and add to your happiness.

Company Values

Our casino is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. We have been in this arena for many years.